Toonz, the exclusive merchandising and distribution licence holders of the Chacha Chaudhary animated series, has teamed up with Planet Superheroes to bring premium Chacha branded products to fans across the country.

Toonz had championed the adaptation of cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma’s legendary comic super hero into an animated series last year. The leading animation production company has already launched two seasons of the Chacha Chaudhary series on Disney Kids channels as well as Disney+ Hotstar VIP OTT platform.

With this new tie-up, Toonz plans to bring India’s favourite superhero closer to the fan-base. Planet Superheroes (PSH) is among the top 10 e-commerce destinations for pop culture and comic brands. Chacha Chaudhary merchandising products launched by PSH will be available on all PSH stores across India as well as on leading online stores.

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“We are extremely excited to partner with Planet Superheroes for the Chacha Chaudhary brand. Chacha is an iconic character with a strong emotional connect among the Indian fan base. For Toonz, this partnership is another step towards making Chacha Chaudhary the number one animation IP from India, said Toonz Media Group CEO P. Jayakumar.

“We are pleased to partner with Toonz Media & Brand to bring Chacha Chaudhary merchandise to its fans. We are proud to partner with 100 per cent Made in India Intellectual Property and hope many more successful characters emerge from India,” said Planet Superheroes CEO Jaineel Aga.

Chacha Chaaudhary has today grown into a 360-degree brand with more than 500 titles published, over 10 million books sold in 5 languages, massive exposure through 35 newspapers in ten languages and best-selling digital comics on Amazon’s Kindle and Google Play platform. Chacha’s merchandise was released to the young and adults fans earlier this year.