Indians looking for employment in Qatar must be wary of fake job recruiting agents, the Indian embassy in Doha has warned, advising the job-seekers to ask for a copy of the agent’s ID proof to ensure authenticity.

“Please do not trust any recruiting agent who promises you a job in Qatar on a business/visit visa,” the embassy said in a Twitter post on Sunday.

The embassy advised the job-seekers to “always ask” for a copy of the agent’s Qatar ID to be sure of the authenticity of the job being offered.

“Always ask for a copy of the agent’s Qatar ID and save it carefully, so that the Embassy can help you better, in the event of any fraud,” the embassy said.

“Before an Indian worker accepts employment from a Foreign Employer/Company, it would be safer to check their credentials on the e-Migrate portal, POE Offices or by emailing the Indian Embassy in the country concerned,” it said.

Indian nationals comprise the largest expatriate community in Qatar numbering around 691,000.

They are engaged in a wide spectrum of professionals, including medicine, engineering, education, finance, banking, business, media and labour.