Israel on Monday launched a new satellite that will provide the country with high-quality surveillance for its military purposes, said a Reuters report.

The report stated that Israel has been investing in its military and enhancing surveillance to monitor enemies including Iran, whose nuclear potential is seen as a threat to Israel.

The satellite, called Ofek 16, was launched into space early Monday morning from a site in central Israel by a locally-developed Shavit rocket, which was used to launch previous Ofek satellites.

“We will continue to strengthen and maintain Israel’s capabilities on every front, in every place,” said Defence Minister Benny Gantz to the media.

The Defence Ministry called Ofek 16 “an electro-optical reconnaissance satellite with advanced capabilities.”

The first images of the satellite will be received in about a week.

State-owned Israel Aerospace Industries was the main contractor for the project and the satellite’s payload was developed by defense firm Elbit Systems, the Reuters report added.

Israel is famous for its surveillance technology. It has used surveillance for spying and other purposes.

Recently, its parliament approved a law granting the country's internal security agency limited authority to use phone surveillance to track Covid-19 cases as the country struggles to contain a second outbreak, Deccan Chronicle reported.

The permission had been granted by the law even when there was a public outcry over privacy concerns.