Taking cues from the National Student Start-up Policy 2019, formulated by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and National Education Policy 2020, a group of students from NITC have launched their mission to motivate the student community across the country to launch start-ups.

The student members, who are part of Levyug, a recently launched student start-up NITC, are visiting various higher education institutions across the country to motivate them and guide them on start-up initiatives.

Levyug Pvt Ltd is expected to kickstart the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students of NITC and other institutes. The startup aims to provide the right environment to young entrepreneurs by offering them resources, connections and essential information they require through a digital platform.

Levyug is on a mission to support the student community by serving as an unwavering support system throughout their entrepreneurial journey, said Kailash GV, the Founder & CEO of Levyug. Services offered by the team include expert business consultancy covering market analysis, financial planning, marketing strategies and operational efficiency.

The platform also facilitates connections between start-ups and potential investors, providing unique investor pitch decks featuring a panel of investors. In addition, Levyug offers legal and regulatory compliance assistance to ensure start-ups operate within the bounds of the law.

The institute has always been encouraging our students to become entrepreneurs,” said Prasad Krishna, Director of NIT Calicut. With Levyug at the forefront, these NIT Calicut students are not just launching a business; they are pioneering a movement with the potential to reshape India’s entrepreneurial landscape.

The platform supports the development of sustainable marketing strategies for increased sales leads, brand awareness and market share growth. Services extend to incubation, assisting start-ups in prototyping their ideas and developing products, as well as technical support for app and website development.

Many students are planning to begin start-ups with the introduction of the National Innovation & Startup policy by the Government and change in their mindset to work for themselves and give jobs to others, said Ashok S, Chairperson of the Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Incubation. But most of them are in a dilemma as they do not know how to begin and the steps involved, etc, and Levyug will help and guide the beginners to start.

Team Levyug collectively believes the scope of transforming entrepreneurship to a simple and regular job.