“Don’t ride rashly.”

“Don’t overspeed.”

“Don’t drive over 40 kmph.”

You would have been told this umpteen times by people. So much so, their injunctions would have left a pain in your ears. An economist can tell you how driving a vehicle at breakneck speed can cost the nation. It burns fuel, forcing the country to import more crude oil. Of all the imports into India, the money spent on crude oil is the most. The Government spent Rs 7.26 lakh crore to buy crude oil from abroad as imports jumped 40 per cent

Environmentalists point out how emissions from vehicles harm the environment. They tell us how much carbon dioxide is being released and how climate change is harming our earth.

An insurance guy tells us why insurance policies are getting costlier every passing year because of increased claims. More speed means more accidents, leading to increased claims.

Well, if you think I am going to give a sermon against over-speeding...

On the contrary, let me give you five good reasons why you should drive slow on the road.

First, have you allowed the breeze to waft gently across your face when you drive? Try it, with your bike crusing at 30 or 40 kmph. And if it is early morning, there is nothing more heavenly than that.

Second, it will never make your parents think twice about giving you the keys to the family four-wheeler . When they are sure you drive safely and within permissible speed limits, they will be happy to let you handle the car (provided you have a valid licence, of course).

Third, we always love to provoke someone. A guy or girl speeding on a motorbike or scooter are the provoked ones. Drive slow and watch them struggle to get their way. You will relish the feeling.

Fourth, driving at 40 kmph means you have time to see the things happening around. Maybe, new neighbours have come to your area with a college-going member in the family. Maybe, a new eatery is coming up nearby. There could be lots that need your attention.

And fifth, last but not the least: When you drive slow you will be forced to drive behind someone. That someone could be someone you could lose your heart to. Or maybe it is a short-term incentive. No matter.

As the words from a 1980s Tamil film, Oru Thalai Ragam , says: “There are a crore men who have lost their hearts seeing a woman from behind.” Or the other way round.

Aren’t these five reasons enough for you not to rev up your accelerator? Life is to enjoy and such small pleasures go a long way in making it sweeter.

(Subramani was a student of Guru Nanak College, Chennai, not so recently.)