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Naveen Khajanchi | Updated on February 21, 2021

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It’s easy to wallow in disappointments, especially in difficult times. To break out is the challenge

Most of us seem to be happy in keeping a strong connection with our disappointments.

Why? It’s the comfortable space wherein the blame game/anxieties of the past seem to give our mind a feeling of comfort.

This is one way of escaping from a problem, which for many is easier than confronting it.

Covid stress

A short physical activity, prayer or a conversation with someone are useful methods of distraction.

But, in the Covid era, this became difficult as we were forced to stay indoors and even when relaxations came, there were lots of dos and don’ts — wear a mask, avoid crowded places and connecting socially maintaining a safe physical distance.

No wonder there were anxieties and even mental health issues for many.

The worry mode overtly for many, and at the sub-conscious level for others, became the new normal. Indeed, it seemed easy to give in to the worrying mode.

But, obviously, this is not sustainable.

The challenge is to become quickly aware of the developing problem and turn to ‘positivity’.

There are some workable aid to overcoming one’s anxieties and disappointments.

Taking up high-energy activity such as exercise or running is often recommended.

Rewiring the mind

Rewiring one’s hardwired mind is also of crucial importance. Here, taking up meditation could be of great help.

Equally effective are small humane actions done without any expectation of gratitude or recognition.

During the Covid pandemic, there were many instances of people extending a helping hand to total strangers without an eye on praise or reward.

As much as sharing, just caring, listening and speaking can make a world of difference to many at an investment not much beyond time and thought.

This can keep the anxieties and disappointments from re-invading our mind, which is often quite susceptible to negativity.

At such moments it is important to quickly move into a space with actions that give us happiness, and reclaim the positive frame of mind.

We need to accept that the state of mind has a tendency to swing.

So, we must rein it in with the best possible resources at our disposal.

Seeking such ‘appointments’ with happiness are critical for oneself, for others as well as society at large. After all, to be human is all about being humane.

The writer is an executive coach, author and family business advisor

Published on February 21, 2021

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