Tackling heat waves

This is with reference to ‘Heat wave in Delhi: A clarion call for climate action’ (June 13). Prudent use of comfort gadgets such as air-conditioners will go a long way in reducing atmospheric heat. Also, reckless urbanisation should be avoided. The authorities should give permission to build malls and theatres only after taking into consideration the environmental aspects. India has a large number of workers employed in unorganised sectors like construction, farm labour, mining, etc., and are directly exposed to the sun and heat. With the increase in temperatures due to global warming, these people are at a greater risk of exposure to heat-related adversities. The government should enact laws to reduce working hours during heat waves and make it mandatory that workers be given breaks to take sufficient rest. Employers should provide all basic protective gear like sunglasses, caps, cotton clothes and other gadgets to protect workers from the heat.

Veena Shenoy


Granting of patents

This refers to ‘Why granting patents is not a numbers game’ (June 13). When there are more patents granted to Indians it will not only increase innovation but also prevent the outflow of foreign exchange if they were granted to foreigners. Foreigners who get royalty payment for their patents used in India will move the money to their home country, and they will also dictate terms for using their patents. The progress of technology in India can be gauged by growth in patents granted to Indians.

NR Nagarajan

Sivakasi, TN

Towards ease of living

The Finance Minister’s statement that the ‘Govt is committed to ensuring ease of living’ (June 13) is welcome. But there are areas where things are lagging. While there’s been a focus on production in the last 10 years, it has failed to lift employment growth.

This is largely because the investments have not been in labour-intensive sectors. The proposed labour codes are not aimed at strengthening the workforce and making them more productive. Ensuring ease of living may be yet another slogan if the ongoing policies are not modified.

AG Rajmohan

Anantapur, AP

Involve gram panchayats

Apropos ‘Chouhan asks officers to ensure that the impact of agriculture schemes gets reflected on ground’ (June 13). This is important as most of the beneficiaries are not fully aware of the schemes. Under the situation the Agriculture Ministry must make gram panchayats accountable to spread awareness of the schemes and their benefits in view of increasing political feud between the Centre and States. However, in the absence of last-mile connectivity, the effectiveness of the schemes gets diluted.

Rajiv Magal

Halekere Village, Karnataka