Inflationary woes

Apropos ‘Wholesale inflation eases to 3.85 per cent in February’ (March 14), the fact that the wholesale price index-based inflation rate drastically slumped from 13.43 per cent in February 2022 to 4.73 per cent in January and further to 3.85 per cent in February this year owing to easing prices of the manufactured items and fuel and power, seems to convey that “all may be well” now on the price front.

But inflation in ‘food’ articles rising to 3.81 per cent in February, as against 2.38 per cent in January, is worrying even as there has been some ‘marginal’ decline in retail inflation to 6.44 per cent in February from 6.52 per cent in January.

However, as revealed in this report, the Commerce and Industry Ministry has attributed the latest decline in inflation to fall in prices of crude petroleum and natural gas among several others.

So why then did the government raise prices of the domestic LPG cylinders by ₹50 early this month while conveniently maintaining ‘status quo’ on auto fuels?

Who knows, the RBI may also further aggravate the woes of the people at large by yet again hiking the ‘repo-rate’. It may be a case of ‘double whammy’ for them.

Vinayak G

New Delhi

Healthcare concerns

This refers to the article ‘India as a Global Healthcare Hub’ (March 14). Before embarking on the ambitious agenda of making India a global healthcare hub, it is pertinent for the policy makers to enhance the country’s GDP spending on health to a level on par with the developed world.

A significant proportion of Indians still do not have access to affordable and quality health care services. Hence governments must invest more to improve and upgrade state-owned hospitals.

While public-private partnerships have a role to play, state authorities should not leave the people at the mercy of profit-driven private hospitals.

Moreover, it is time the country turn its focus towards preventive healthcare.

M Jeyaram

Sholavandan (TN)

SVB crisis and India

With reference to ‘SVB effects on India?’, the crisis may not be the next Lehman but the US regulator has not learnt its lessons.

Main customers of SVB were start-ups and other tech companies that were in need of more cash as VC funding was drying up.

So these customers started withdrawing from SVB which triggered the crisis. Now the US authorities need to protect large depositors with more than $2,50,000 deposits in SVB. India however, would largely be unaffected.

Bal Govind


Oscar night for India

This is with reference to the news item “With Oscar, RRR makers can script entry into new markets” and photo-feature “India at Oscars” (March 14).

This year’s winners, Naatu Naatu and The Elephant Whisperers are sure to inspire the budding talent in the film industry to experiment, innovate and create with an eye on future Oscars.

Music director Keeravani has proved that Indian film music is world class and the unassuming and genial duo of Keeravani and Chandra Bose (lyricist) deserve all the appreciation and accolades.

The Oscar for The Elephant Whisperers is sure underline the need to protect biodiversity and living in harmonious relationship with nature.

Kosaraju Chandramouli