Unequal world

Apropos ‘Don’t ignore the S in ESG’ (May 26), in as much as a more equal world may be desirable, it is rather impractical, even utopian. The economic reward structures in all spheres are skewed.

In the French Open tennis,often in the Men’s Single finals, the two contestants are of very much similar calibre. One wins by a small margin, sometimes due to a stroke of luck. But the winner will walk away with prize money of €2.3 million while the runner-up gets just €1.15 million, which seems unfair.

At our top B-schools, the best package offered could be many times the average. It’s an unequal world in all spheres.

V Vijaykumar


Leave encashment limit

Raising the leave encashment exemption limit to ₹25 lakh is welcome news for the soon-to-be retired private sector employees. But the logic of having separate rules for the government employees is is hard to understand.

If leave can be accumulated up to eight months which would be in extremely rare cases, it means this would benefit those who whose salary is up to ₹3 lakh a month. So even if the exemption seems huge, the actual beneficiaries of the limit would not be too many.

So basically this would help only the fat cats who are already drawing good salaries. Perhaps the government could also do something for those who are earning lesser amounts or withdrawing TDS on interest earned on bank deposits at least for the senior citizens.

Anthony Henriques


An unseemly fracas

The upcoming inauguration of the new Parliament building by PM has become the site of a contentious battle between the ruling and the Opposition.

With the Congress, Trinamool Congress, DMK, and AAP among the 18 parties boycotting the event, an unfortunate divide has over-shadowed this momentous occasion.

These parties issued a joint statement calling the PM’s decision to inaugurate the building a direct assault on our democracy.

Now it is the time for PM to step back and let this magnificent structure, which represents a vibrant democracy shine. By agreeing to the Opposition’s request to invite the President to the inauguration, PM Modi can demonstrate his magnanimity and ensure that no controversy mars this historic occasion.

The new Parliament building exemplifies India’s democratic spirit and progress. Its awe-inspiring architecture blends heritage with modernity, embodying the nation’s aspirations and commitment to democratic principles.

Beyond the political wrangling, this inauguration should serve as an opportunity to unite the nation and celebrate its democratic heritage.

Vijaykumar HK


TN demands unjustified

Apropos “Dairy war: Now, TN wants Amul to stop tapping Aavin milkshed area” (May 26). The fact is Amul’s milk procurement price from producers is higher by nearly ₹3-4 per litre than that offered by Aavin and eventually the selling price too is higher.

How can the TN government ask Amul to stay away from TN milkshed areas when its own farmers are getting better pecuniary benefits? In such a case, Aavin must match the procurement price offered by Amul to stay afloat and give justice to its own dairy farmers. CM Stalin must prove his democratic credentials by leaving the farmers to take a decision.

Rajiv Magal

Halekere Village (Karnataka)