Gearing up for elections

This refers to the editorial ‘Election signals’ (September 4 ). Despite demonetisation and pandemic woes, the BJP government could maintain stable growth. The government has also ensured accelerated growth in digitalisation, financial inclusion, and science and technology.

The INDIA partners will focus on unemployment, inflation, the alleged money laundering by the Adani group and the religious issues looming large across the country.

The BJP and its allies are now forced to reach out to the last-mile electorate to convince them of the achievements made by the Centre through the execution of various poverty alleviation, employment-generating schemes, and infrastructure development.

VSK Pillai

Changanacherry, Kerala

Parliamentary practice

The government should have announced the dates and agenda for the special session of Parliament. Denying the Opposition the requisite opportunity to prepare and participate in the critical session may be a part of its election game but it is not a fair parliamentary practice.

Also, unless the Opposition comes out quickly with a clear vision statement about how it would fulfil the dreams of India becoming a global power and a convincing announcement about seat-sharing in States they are against each other, it will fail to hold public attention.

YG Chouksey


Our athletes make a mark

This refers to ‘Neeraj Chopra and Indian athletics’ new arc’ (September 4). Neerja Chopra has made a habit of finishing on the podium, and what an incredible journey it has been not only for the men’s 4x400 meters relay team for breaking the Asian record and javelin throwers Manu DP and Kishore Jena for making it to the finals for World Athletics Championships at Budapest.

It would be too early to say Indian athletes have arrived on the world track and field stage, but without an iota of doubt they are on the right track.

Bal Govind


Laptop ban

This refers to ‘Govt. curbs import of laptops tablets on security concerns’ (September 4). India should have imposed an import ban on laptops and personal computers much earlier.

This would have expedited the relocation of numerous PC manufacturers to India, consequently creating employment opportunities.

However, it is important to acknowledge that to attract international companies supply chain, storage facilities, taxation, connectivity and trade union practices will require a comprehensive overhaul.

Girish R Edathitta

Pathanamthitta, Kerala

Consensus eludes G-20

Apropos ‘Rich nations and their G-20 games’ (September 4). Indeed, the G-20 meetings in India ended without producing a consensus statements on major geopolitical issues like Ukraine war, which is affecting the global supply chain at large. Developed country members take G-20 merely as a platform to transact their WTO agenda.

NR Nagarajan

Sivakasi, TN