OPEC views

This is with reference to the news report “Unemployment, inflation impacted Lok Sabha poll outcome” (June 17). Unemployment and inflation mostly affect the unorganized sector, the lower middle class, and the underprivileged strata of society. The unemployment situation in the country is going from bad to worse, and inflation is skyrocketing. However, no political party intends to make these two factors on the election agenda.

Instead political parties divert people’s attention to freebies, subsidies, and other irrelevant issues. No wonder no party got a clear majority in the just-concluded Lok Sabha polls.

To solve the problem of unemployment, the government should encourage entrepreneurs, small businesses, small-time traders, and self-employed people. The budget should allocate more funds for the creation of jobs by encouraging labour-oriented industries, infrastructure construction, tourism, etc.

Veena Shenoy


Rural infra thrust

The suggestion of the CII President to increase the spending in rural infrastructure like housing and warehousing is welcome. His further suggestion to use the RBI’s dividend payout for this purpose is a constructive suggestion that deserves consideration.

The latest data show rural consumption going sharply down. There is a dire need to ensure improvement in the spending capacity of the rural workforce.

But the suggestion to use the RBI’s dividend for taking up infrastructure projects can only be a temporary solution. Rural demand contraction requires a lasting solution like taking up area specific manufacturing units.

As Kerala has coir industries to use the raw material available in abundance. Similar activities may be activated based on the materials available in each area.

AG Rajmohan


Trudeau talk

This refers to the news report ‘Committed to working together, says Trudeau after meeting Modi’ (June 17).

One could easily guess what Prime Minister Narendra Modi would have told his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau on the sidelines of G7 Summit in Italy, albeit the latter had declined (diplomatically) to disclose it to the media.

It’s time Trudeau walked the talk and stopped encouraging entities inimical to India’s interests.

S Ramakrishnasayee