Dearth of skilled workers

Apropos ‘India Inc hit by acute shortage of blue collar workforce’ (July 2), it is ironical that while there is severe unemployment problem in the country, India Inc is finding it difficult to find suitable skilled workers. The basic problem lies with our educational system. It continues to neglect vocational training at the school level.

By the time a student passes out of higher secondary school, she/he should have been trained at least in one vocation and should be employment-ready, in case the student wishes to take up employment. Though climate and migration factors have played their respective parts in exacerbating the issue, if all the youngsters graduating from school are trained in a vocation in which they have aptitude and interest, India Inc will not be facing the current situation of shortage of skilled workers.

Kosaraju Chandramouli


Scale up GST regime

This refers to ‘After 7 years, GST poised for next stage of reforms’ (July 2). The GST Council has done well in the last seven years and has been flexible enough to accommodate requests from various quarters. And now the time has come for it to move towards a three rates regime from the current four. The unprecedented tax collections month on month also fuel optimism for the expected GST reforms such as bringing aviation turbine fuel and natural gas under GST. The GST Council should also use technology to counter fake entities and fake billing. Further, dispute resolution should be faster by curtailing the number of fresh disputes.

Bal Govind


Curbing financial fraud

This refers to ‘For a safer financial space’ (July 2). The financial sector is highly prone to various types of fraud, particularly in areas of banking transactions. Among other things, consumer negligence, greed, lack of financial literacy and hesitancy to comply with the norms of the financial institutions are also creating a conducive atmosphere for fraudsters. Given the intricacies involved in Internet-related financial transactions, it is imperative to educate the customers, to make them familiar with the changing policies of financial institutions. .

Given the ability of fraudsters to use new ways to overcome the firewalls of entities and regulators, it is essential to ensure robust oversight and tight governance in the functioning of those institutions. It is also paramount to have a robust preventive vigilance system to prevent fraud beforehand.

VSK Pillai

Changanacherry, Kerala