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| Updated on August 19, 2019 Published on August 19, 2019

This is with reference to ‘The scourge of malicious content’ (August 19).The language on social media should be healthy, and social platforms should not be used for personal vengeance. Many a time we come across abusive language on social media, which is sickening. There are many advantages of using social media: it covers certain important issues and can be used for education or to share our lives.

However, people often use social media as a means of venting their personal anger, thus creating tension and social disharmony. We should use social media for sharing ideas which will be for the betterment of the society as whole.

Secondly, we should have a code of conduct for people holding high offices/politicians. The beauty of democracy is that there can be healthy discussions on various issues, including political, without indulging in vendetta and malicious/personal attacks.

Veena Shenoy


Health insurance woes

Ever since the merger of public sector banks with private health insurance providers, there has been a radical shift in the policy of the latter, who are effecting changes to the terms of cashless services to suit their whims and fancies. For example, Vijaya Bank in a tie-up with United India Insurance, a public sector company, offered a health policy under the name V-Arogya. This has been discontinued after it merged with Dena Bank and Bank of Baroda, and entered into an MoU with three insurance companies, all of whom belong to private sector. Moreover, several hospitals have announced their decision to suspend cashless services with public sector medical policies, jeopardising the very purpose of such a scheme.

The IRDAI and the government must immediately intervene in the matter and offer a solution to curb the autocratic behaviour of private health insurance companies.

Rajiv N Magal


Agrochemical market

Agrochemical products take a long time to grow. In addition, new molecules at present take about 6-7 years to be registered. The bureaucratic process delays the delivery of the products to farmers, leaving them with no option but to buy cheaper, low-quality products. It is recommended that the government look into this issue at the earliest.

Also, while Indian formulations are mostly generic products, due to research and development being expensive, overseas companies frequently spread their assortment and are eager to invest in India on product R&D and marketing. Data selectiveness in the agrochemicals sector will not only delay the entry of generics by creating an additional period of legal monopoly but will also makes agrochemicals or pesticides unaffordable to Indian farmers.

Data protection or selectiveness will obstruct growth of indigenous manufacturers and will work against the vision of ‘Make in India’.

Vijaykumar H K


Hospital visits

One fails to see any rationale behind the whole lot of political dignitaries (including Union Ministers, Opposition leaders and key RSS functionaries) visiting the hospital to enquire about the health of the former finance minister Arun Jaitley, who was admitted on August 9 after he complained of breathlessness and restlessness.

Since being put on ECMO, which is used to treat breathing or heart problems, his condition continues to be critical. Needless to say, all such frequent yet ‘symbolic’ visits by these VIPs could be of little help to Arun Jaitley. In fact, the visits are also distracting the multi-disciplinary team of doctors which is constantly monitoring his health.

It is thus earnestly wished that the doctors concerned should be allowed to do their best and all ‘customary’ visits by our political fraternity should best be avoided.

SK Gupta

New Delhi

Published on August 19, 2019
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