Letters to the editor dated July 2, 2021

| Updated on July 05, 2021

Sops for MSMEs

This refers to ‘MSME, retail NPAs may rise as relief measures get wound down’ (July 2). True, the RBI has come out with a plethora of measures in the recent past to give a boost to MSMEs which have been badly hit by the pandemic.

The Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme, Restructuring Plan without losing asset status and the Svanidhi scheme for small vendors, to name a few, will give a breather to this sector, which is in the verge of collapse. But all these measures will work only if there is no threat of the loans becoming non-performing in the books of the bank in the timeframe of 90 days.

When MSMEs contribute to 30 per cent of GDP, it would be in the fitness of things to give them special treatment in the context of ravage caused by the pandemic. The RBI should, therefore, consider extending the present Income Recognition and Asset Classification norm of 90 days to 180 days for the loan accounts of this sector to be classified as NPAs. This will help them generate adequate returns to meet their bank commitments.

This relaxation should be allowed for at least two years before which time hopefully Covid would have been reined in.

R Mohan

Kumbakonam, TN

Tackling rogue drones

Apropos ‘Keeping skies clear of rogue drones’ (July 2), the drone attack on Jammu Air Force station is a serious wake-up call for our armed forces. Like any other technological tool, drones can also be misused by rogue elements.

While drones are used to deliver medicines, watch over farmlands, take videos/pictures at function, etc., one has now seen how it can be misused as well. It is time the National Counter Rogue Drone Guidelines are implemented in letter and spirit. The government should incentivise all startups that want to develop technology to counter such threats.

Bal Govind


Autonomous weapons

Countries have been moving into drone-based warfare. This had to inevitably seep into the domain of non-state actors. Small AI-powered drones cost a little more than a high-end smartphone. And their self-destruct design would make it nearly impossible to trace those responsible for an attack.

Globally, governments must work towards countering lethal autonomous weapons on a priority basis. This is a tall ask as many nations carry drones as part of their arsenal.

R Narayanan

Navi Mumbai

China’s progress

China's journey from a war-ravaged, poverty stricken and medieval society into the second largest economy of the world under the stewardship of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is truly baffling.

The CPC is now celebrating the centenary of its founding and has every reasons to take pride its achievements such as pulling out hundreds of millions out of crippling poverty and for firmly positioning itself as a formidable challenger to the US, the world's only superpower.

However, it has its own cup of woes. Despite having scaled new peaks in economic growth and technological advancements over the decades, the CPC’s iron grip over all the organs of government with blatant disregard for basic liberties of its citizens has led to it being branded as an autocratic regime.

The CPC leadership will need to ponder over the sustainability of its style of governance.

M Jeyaram

Sholavandan, TN

The battle of eight

This refers to ‘Football’s coming home?’ (July 2). Except Belgium and Italy facing each other, the remaining three matches will be like David and Goliath duels.

It may be interesting to note that no team has played as many games (31) as England in this championship without ever reaching the final; Czech Republic’s Patrick Schick’s stunning strike from just inside the Scotland half is seen as one of the all-time great goals in this Cup; and only Czech Republic’s Karel Poborsky (six) has delivered more assists than Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo (five) since 1980.

YG Chouksey


Published on July 05, 2021

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