This refers to the report ‘15-year-old Mithil Salunkhe leads Army’s cyber warrior brigade’ (January 20). We need to appreciate the efforts of defence forces and other organisations both in public and private sectors to tap youth talent across the country and give due recognition. Such initiatives will have a positive impact on students’ approach to science and technology. The deployment of highly qualified technocrats by IT industry for low profile positions in recent decades had demoralised talented students with some of them opting for humanities.

The winners and participants in competitions like this will evolve into brand ambassadors for their educational institutions.

MG Warrier


Digital justice

This is with reference to the article ‘A digital legal system needed for speedy justice’ (January 20). Many cases drag on for years, which takes a heavy toll on the litigants’ financial resources.

For quick delivery of justice, all judicial operations must be computerised and the working conditions in the courts should be improved. Setting up good Law colleges and encouraging students to take up Law and appointment of lawyers and judges purely on merit goes a long way in improving our judiciary. There are also thousands of undertrials languishing in various jails for petty offences.

Their trials are running for years together because they are unable to hire a lawyer. These cases should be disposed of quickly to restore faith in the judiciary.

Veena Shenoy


This refers to ‘A digital legal system needed for speedy justice’ (January 20). ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’. Owing to multiple reasons, the disposal of cases is taking a long time, contributing to the denial of justice. E-courts are one of the best remedies to resolve such high pendency of cases.

The age-old practice of maintaining paper records is not only expensive but absorbs space. At a time when sophisticated technology is available and also there is no dearth of skilled human capital, why are the policymakers and administrators hesitating from computerising court proceedings?

Out-of-court settlements need to be strengthened, and encouraged to reduce the accumulation of cases. Comprehensive reform is the need of the hour to deliver justice to the aggrieved.

VSK Pillai


Let charity begin at home

This refers to media reports on Railways’ earning of ₹191,162 crore revenue in FY23; up ₹41,000 crore year-on-year. It expects to earn ₹2,35,000 crore by the end of this year.

The Railways claims that its freight movement of 1,185 tonnes is the reason for the revenue growth.

The scrapping of various concessions to passengers also helped, says the Railways.

The Railways now must disclose the tariff concessions for MPs and scrap them.

Vinayak G

New Delhi