Indian markets fell for the fourth consecutive week. However, the pace of fall has been slow. This shows that the fall is weak with lack of strong sellers. So, as we have been saying over the last couple of weeks, this fall is just a correction within the overall uptrend. Strong supports are coming up to halt this fall in the #nifty, #niftybank and #dowjones and trigger a reversal. We expect the broader uptrend to resume after a little more fall from current levels.

#Nifty has strong support in the 19,100-19,000 region. We expect the #Nifty to reverse higher from this support zone and target 20,000 levels in the coming weeks

#NiftyBank index can fall to 43,000-42,800. Thereafter a fresh leg of upmove can begin targeting 46,000 and higher levels.

#Dowjones has strong support in the 34,200 – 33,900 region. The index can rise back from there and touch 36,500 in the coming weeks.