For a luxury super performance car brand that barely clocks 3-digit annual sales numbers in India, Lamborghini has a busy customer engagement calendar every year. By far its most popular event is the ‘Bull Run’ - an on-road showcase drive by owners of the brand’s vehicles. Super cars are a rare breed in any market, even more so in ours where the numbers are so tiny compared to the entire car industry. So, bringing them together is a task by itself. 

For hyper luxury brands that plan customer engagement events in a conservative market like ours, it is an even more complex problem where owners can be extremely reluctant to be seen in public. But Lamborghini has managed to successfully conduct multiple Bull Runs across the country with dozens of participants who are mostly local Lambo owners.

Soundness Bull Run Lamborghini Bengaluru organised what’s said to be the Italian hypercar brand’s 100th Bull Run in India.

Soundness Bull Run Lamborghini Bengaluru organised what’s said to be the Italian hypercar brand’s 100th Bull Run in India. | Photo Credit: BIJOY GHOSH

Last weekend, Lamborghini Bengaluru, the dealership that caters to buyers from the four southern States organised Chennai’s second Bull Run, and called it the ‘Soundness Bull Run’, thanks to the focus on well-being and wholesome driving fun. This will be one of the many around the country that have been planned for this year. Lamborghini officials say that more than a 100 such events have already been conducted in over 50 cities in India. 

Soundness Bull Run Lamborghini Bengaluru organised what’s said to be the Italian hypercar brand’s 100th Bull Run in India

Soundness Bull Run Lamborghini Bengaluru organised what’s said to be the Italian hypercar brand’s 100th Bull Run in India | Photo Credit: BIJOY GHOSH

Chennai Bull Run

At the Chennai Bull Run, there were about ten owners and their Lambos that participated in the drive last weekend. There were a mix of vehicles that joined the Bull Run, including Huracans, the Urus and Urus Performante, and even a Gallardo. The Bull Run is a good platform for Lambo owners to share their experiences and the joy of owning their supercars. Of course, after the Urus made its way into the portfolio, it is the Super SUV that gets more than its fair share of eyeballs and buyer interest. In fact, the Urus is the highest selling model for Lamborghini in India, and it is easy to see why given the Super SUV’s generous ground clearance and comfortable cabin. Better still, the new Urus Performante is even capable of handling a bit of off-roading; clearly buyers thought it to be handy given the average state of our roads.

To get a firsthand experience of the Bull Run, I joined the convoy of Lambos while behind the wheel of a Urus Performante. The absolutely exciting experience of going sideways on a dirt track outside Bengaluru during the dynamic launch of the Urus Performante in March this year was still fresh in my memory. I knew that the Bull Run on regular city roads was unlikely to be much of a comparison, and yet, just the sight of the line up outside the Leela Chennai was enough to get my adrenaline pumping. Unlike the supersport cars from Lambo, the Urus doesn’t bring that low-slung blade-like aerodynamic profile. Yet, it is undeniably special and looks fast even while standing still. Every part of the Urus Performante comes together to deliver its purpose-built capabilities, starting from its aluminium and composite body structure and lightweight shell. 

The engine is the 4-litre V8, that delivers 666CV of peak power and 850Nm of max torque. Its weight to power ratio is 3.23kgs per CV, and it can do the 0-100kmph run in 3.3 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 306 kmph. The variable valve control engine is force-fed air via two turbos and max torque is sent to the wheels from a low a 2,300rpm. The petrol mill is paired with a 8-speed automatic gearbox. Just a tap at the throttle pedal elicits an instantaneous response, with acceleration that pins me back into the plush seats of the Urus Performante. But, it is still very practical with 4-wheel steering that helps manoeuvre the 5.1-metre SUV with ease in crowded traffic conditions; something I was thankful for till I crossed the city limits on the East Coast Road. The Urus Performante can also seat four passengers comfortably and offers a large boot area that can accommodate multiple golf bags or enough luggage for a family holiday.

Driving through town with all that performance being just a tap away can be frustrating. But, thankfully the traffic thins further down ECR and I finally get the Urus Performante to stretch its legs. Accelertion is visceral and seems unrelenting, even more so in Sport mode. The default drive mode is Strada (or street), there is also Sport, Corsa (for track) and the addition of a Rally mode specially for the Urus Performante. The drivetrain also including a four-wheel drive system with front, centre and rear differentials with active torque vectoring. Braking performance is handled by large carbon ceramic brake discs. 

Lamborghini’s Bull Runs are awesome platforms for owners to exchange views and feedback. It is also a good showcase of the aura and the practicality of the brand’s vehicles for potential future owners. The draw of the Raging Bull in the meantime bring some colour and moments of wonder for other road users.