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Building environment models with multimodal data

| Updated on: Dec 04, 2019

Name of the company : Ambee

Set up in : 2017

Based in : Bengaluru

Founder : Akshay Joshi, Madhusudan Anand and Jaideep Singh Bachher

Funding received : Undisclosed amount from Rajan Anandan, ex-Google India head, Ambarish Kenghe, Sr Director, Google Pay, Dina Wadia of JSA, venture catalysts, techstars, and other large promoter families.

What it does : Provides accurate and real-time hyperlocal air quality and environmental data.

How it does it : Ambee uses multimodal data — satellite imagery, government monitors, open source sensors, meteorological data — to build environmental models. In addition, Ambee deploys a vast network of IoT sensors across major Indian cities to continuously monitor the environment. All the data sets are processed using proprietary intelligence methods to build hyperlocal models of the environment, like air pollution and climate, that are accurate in real-time. Ambee’s data is integrated into healthcare devices, fitness apps, air purifiers, smart cities, office spaces and homes.

Big moment : Using this data system to save the co-founder’s child. Ambee was built by a parent and the first-use cases came from parents. To hear appreciation from parents and doctors alike was a ‘eureka’ moment. Further gratification came when the system was tested live in front of officials and results matched on a level previously unseen. The feeling that partners and investors believe so deeply in the mission, that data can change the health of billions, and of the earth itself, is uplifting.

Impact : The ability to measure every breath taken across 1,90,000 post codes and regions in the world, totalling over 90 countries. This is a direct indicator of the health of billions of people over a period of time, and the data is being used to build massive public health policy and decisions.

Vision : To improve the health of not only millions around the world, but of the planet itself.

Published on December 04, 2019
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