In 2015, Envisol bagged its first major international order of a zero liquid discharge (ZLD) plant at Hawassa Industrial Park, Ethiopia, with a water recycling capacity of 11 million litres per day (MLD). In 2017, it bagged three projects of 32 MLD in the same country. There was no looking back as it quickly expanded presence in other countries, including China.

Envisol’s cutting-edge technology enabled it to win orders against many European technology providers. In particular, its success and low-cost operation at the Hawassa Industrial Park led the Prime Minister of Ethiopia to confer the best EPC contract award on Envisol for completing the project within the time frame and cost, with global quality standards. The plant was successfully commissioned and its O&M is being done by Envisol since 2016. Now, Envisol is executing more ZLD projects in Ethiopia, with a capacity of 32 MLD of water, for the textile and pharmaceutical sectors as well as sewage water recycling.

The landmark project at Hawassa led to the signing of an MoU between IPDC, Ethiopia, and Envisol for environmentally-sensitive industrialisation of that country.

The Chief Executive Officer of IPDC, Ethiopia, Lelise Neme Sori, said that Envisol’s efforts will help IPDC develop eco-industrial parks. Envisol has initiated capacity building programmes in Ethiopia to impart knowledge and create local employment. It is also working with Ethiopian universities to incorporate a module/curriculum on environmental sustainability, training, development, etc.