Flight Plan


| Updated on July 23, 2019 Published on July 23, 2019

Ticket Agent: Person who works at the ticketing counter and who checks your bags onto the plane, gives you a seat assignment, and shows you where your gate is located. A Ticket Agent also sells tickets to passengers who have not yet purchased them or have lost them.

Skycap: The person who stands in front of the terminal building and provides curbside check-in for flights.

Jetway/Loading Bridges: The hallway that connects the gate entrance to the door of the plane. Passengers use this hallway to board and exit planes.

Conveyor belt: A machine with a moving surface that is used by airport personnel to move luggage from one place to another.

Co-Pilot: Person who sits in the cockpit with the Pilot. The Co-Pilot is also known as the first officer and monitors the plane’s controls and gauges while the Pilot flies the plane.

Published on July 23, 2019
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