# My fitness mantra includes 30 per cent focus on exercise and 70 per cent on diet. I know this sounds rather clichéd. I begin my day with hot lemon water followed by some nuts, which provide adequate protein before my exercise.

# I jog for 30-45 minutes, often with my wife — this motivates both of us to keep going. I enjoy swimming for an hour, twice a week, during summer.

# I play football to spend quality time with friends. Prior to 2020, we played on weekends without fail. I enjoy the competitive spirit of the game, especially the strategising part of it.

# Getting infected with Covid-19 served as a reality check. I learnt to prioritise my health and started eating a nutritious diet to recover faster. I continue to follow personalised nutrition plans.

# I consider 7-8 hours of sleep essential to keep my mind and body healthy. My Fitbit helps me track sleep cycles. Its smart alarm clock alerts me to sleep and wake up around the same time every day.

The author is Co-founder and Managing Director, VouchPro