The five things Vikas Kumar , co-founder,, does to keep fit:

1. I am committed to following a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. As a rule, I plan my day early morning with a cup of black coffee. This works like meditation and help me stay focused on the outcomes. I also budget some free time for unexpected meetings.

2. Marathons are my passion. I run at least five kilometers, four days a week and have been participating in half and full marathons since 2010. Last year, my team stood first in a 100 kilometer Oxfam trail walker, completing it in a record time of 22 hours.

3. My weekly fitness routine also includes cross training, such as badminton, cycling, squash and swimming. It not only helps me balance between running and sports but also makes me mentally alert and socially connected.

4. Fitness experts insist on keeping dinner the lightest meal of the day. Thus, I have completely replaced dinner parties with brunch parties and have my dinner by 7 PM.

5. My daughter who just turned one this year is a bundle of utter joy and happiness. Spending time with her rejuvenates me.