1. Walking: I do an early morning strenuous walk before I head to office. I take walks on the office floor to relieve the stiffness from sitting through meetings.

2. Superfoods: Small portions of food keep me energised. I have my superfoods too (almonds, guava, yoghurt and eggs). I sip unsweetened and iced black coffee during the day.

3. Music: Good rock music is the best way to untangle your mind, sort your thoughts. Relieves stress and increases creativity.

4. Disconnect: I disconnect for 30 minutes a day, giving my brain a break. I enjoy playing chess, solving puzzles or quizzing on the internet.

5. Me-time: Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, I carve time out for myself — my time with my pet Nugget is extremely dear to me.

The writer is CEO, INOX Leisure Ltd.