Akshay Munjal

(Founder and CEO, Hero Vired)

Tennis: It’s essential to have pursuits beyond work for a work-life balance. I’m up by 5:30 AM and devote an hour to tennis. This gets me supercharged for the day.

Meditation: Meditation and breathing are paramount. Even if only 15 minutes, meditation gives clarity, helps me concentrate and plan.

Sculpting: Sculpting is close to my heart, a passion. A three-dimensional pursuit, it’s taught me to be patient and accept the course of life.

Reading: A voracious reader, my home library is stacked. Books help unwind and break the monotony of routine activities.

Wildlife: A wildlife enthusiast, I love nature. It gives me a sense of tranquility and helps me escape the mundane. The sound of nature is calming; the beauty - surreal. It’s also time-off from electronic devices.