A category of Bluetooth speakers that’s beginning to flood the market is the rugged type that can be carried outdoors without any damage. And now, audio heavyweights like Bose have just validated that by joining in with a tiny speaker they call the SoundLink Micro.

The Micro will sit on your palm and still let your fingers show, that’s how small it is. But small doesn’t mean it’s delicate. The outer casing is a rubbery one and the whole device is nice and smooth and soft to touch and has very rounded sides to make it more easy to grip and handle. The speaker we got was an understated grey-black, but there are other bright colours.

The casing means you can drop it and kick it around without it protesting very much. And then, for good measure, you can drop it in the pool. Get it back out soon though because though it’s waterproof, it’s up to a certain point.

The Micro comes with a strap on the back with which you can fit it on a belt, a backpack or anywhere you deem handy. It can even fit in a very large jacket pocket. The sheer portability makes it a nice companion on a hike or a picnic. Because of the size, it’s not really meant for indoor listening, though you could have it double up as a personal and occasional speaker. And that’s because the sound quality is surprisingly good for its size.

It actually has discernible bass and fullness and even gets incredibly loud — though as with all little speakers, it sounds better at a reasonable volume. The quality is by no means meant for anyone who expects the best sound no matter what the device and form factor, but it’s great for those who are put into a good mood with their favourite music no matter where they go. It’s also an option for those who don’t like earphones and headphones and want to converse with others too. Sadly, it’s a uni-directional device, so you have to place it facing you when you set it down. The battery lasts about five to six hours though you can deplete it faster if you’re a loud listener.

On the face of this speaker, you have just three buttons for volume up and down and a multi-function for play, pause, controlling tracks, etc. It will also take calls and with a long-press, trigger the personal assistant — Google or Siri depending on your phone. It all works fine were it not for a price that may be a little high for some, though you won’t necessarily get this sound from other speakers this size.