Give employees appropriate strokes

T.T. Srinath

Zubin was assigned the task of creating a PowerPoint presentation by his manager Rajan. Rajan, a ki... »

Do we have meaningful conversations at work?

Sridhar Ganesh

There’s enough ‘noise’ in our organisations; what we need is honest and caring communication »

Life skill coaching, moving from experiential avoidance to psychological flexibility

T.T. Srinath

A middle aged CEO of a fairly well reputed multi-specialty hospital sought my assistance in helping... »

#BLChat : Of bell curves and appraisals

Missed BusinessLine's Twitter Chat on performance reviews? Read the Storify here! »

Of commitment and self-fulfilment, the Harman way

Harman staffers at a CSR event

Parimala S Rao

Vinita Shrivastava, Senior Director at Harman India, on how to ensure loyalty while helping employees reach personal goals »

New Manager

All the World is a Stage (Drama and its evidence in the Corporate World)
Productivity & Quality Publishing Private Limited
Price: Rs.350

Drama in the corporate world

S Johnson

Drama can make a unique contribution to the holistic development of an individual. It explores feel... »

New Manager

Learning and development programmes help in employee retention as well as improves the skills of their employees

Helping your employees stay ahead of the curve

Pradeep Malhotra

Learning and development programmes are more than mere skill updates – they can be the key to employee retention »

New Manager

Designing organisations as ‘selfless’ collectives

Mohit Kishore

Reducing complexity and friction between members is important »

Putting the human aspect of the employee first is in the larger interest of companies »

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