A Revolutionary Course For Struggling Entrepreneurs

Updated on: Apr 13, 2022

Building a business from nothing is a journey full of struggles, sacrifices and disappointments. But if your passion lies in it and it’s your dream to see your idea turn into a successful business, all the hurdles can be overcome! Any person running a business should have faith in themselves and a trusted mentor to guide them. MIDAS School of Entrepreneurship has been a mentor to countless business owners since its inception in 2013. They are introducing the Entrepreneurial Development & Growth Elevation Program, a course designed for entrepreneurs struggling with their business and individuals taking over their family businesses.

The EDGE Program is a one-month intensive course that will gear up the entrepreneurs with essential business management and expansion knowledge. The course focuses on problem-solving oriented thinking and makes the students privy to the market fundamentals. A business begins with a brilliant idea but thrives with consistent innovation. The business world is constantly changing, the formulas get outdated quickly, and the consumer’s mentality evolves rapidly. With uncertainty, it takes a lot of effort to stay relevant. The EDGE Program helps you precisely in this aspect.

MIDAS School of Entrepreneurship is a reputed institution specializing in training entrepreneurs and kickstarting numerous startups. They live by the axiom that entrepreneurs are not born; they are made. They aim to influence the next generation of entrepreneurs by providing them with the best education to help them lead their business successfully. The crucibles that form the institution’s core are Creativity, Innovation, Critical Thinking, Effectuation and Incubation. MIDAS offers business management courses at various levels. The mentors who coach students are entrepreneurs themselves. They impart not only theoretical knowledge but also lessons from their first-hand experiences.

The EDGE Program is a unique course curated by the mentors at MIDAS, who are industry experts. This course aims to provide a holistic knowledge base for entrepreneurs to build their business. The curriculum is unprecedented, and the learning approach is unconventional. The three different modules of the course are Business Mastery, Real-Time Strategy, and Behavioral Intelligence. Each of these modules covers a specific aspect of business management. Business Mastery is about leadership, growth, and development. Real-Time Strategy teaches you everything from managing finances to striking deals. Behavioral Intelligence is a personal mastery program designed for those who want to actualize their potential. The cumulative result of these three modules is a deeper understanding of business management. The intelligent design of the course makes it highly coveted among entrepreneurs to help them sustain their businesses.

It is a one-month residential program where you can learn with other entrepreneurs, interact with them, hold discussions and learn various valuable life lessons just through these interactions. Learning with peers who have a similar goal will help you get to know various perspectives and opinions. It is also a chance for you to build a network that will help you in some way or the other in the future. MIDAS has a long legacy of excellence, and you will be a part of it after the EDGE Program. It shall add to your credibility and help you pave your path. The coaches’ expertise at MIDAS will act as a catalyst for the growth of your business and lead you a helping hand to reach the next milestone. The course itself can act as a pause to reflect on the graph of your progress and reanalyse your actions.

So, it can be said that the EDGE Program is a must for entrepreneurs who aspire to make it in the long run. It is a learning experience that changes how you approach a problem, look for solutions and plan your next move. It is synonymous with the building blocks of business, absolutely crucial for the future of the business. The course starts on 25th April 2022, and the registrations are now open! Click here to register. Interested candidates could also set up a consultation call with a representative from MIDAS by calling on +91 98502 02666. So don’t miss this golden opportunity; register today!

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Published on April 13, 2022
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