Commercial electric vehicle maker, Altigreen, in collaboration with Exponent Energy, has launched a new variant of its three-wheeler cargo EV, the neEV Tez, at a price point of ₹3,55,000.

Exponent Energy, which has customized the battery for Altigreen’s latest variant, says that it can be charged from 0 to 100 per cent in 15 minutes at Exponent’s e^pump charging network.

The new variant has an 8.19 kWh e-pack and an Exponent proprietary battery built using regular LFP cell chemistry, a 98 KM (ARAI Certified) range, and an 85 km city drive range. Moreover, the vehicle comes with a 5-year/1 lakh warranty and a 5-year/1.55 lakh-kilometer battery warranty.

“neEV Tez will ensure maximum utilisation of the vehicle owing to its long range and low charging time, thereby resulting in more trips on a single charge and a high earnings opportunity. Traditionally, the root cause of this anxiety has been attributed to the range and prolonged charging time. With its 15-minute full charge capabilities, the game-changing neEV Tez finally offers a new and robust solution,” said Amitabh Saran, Founder and CEO, Altigreen.

Altigreen will manufacture the latest variant out of its Malur factory, which has an annual production capacity of 55,000 units. The commercial EV maker is present across 12 cities and aims to deploy 2,000 neEV Tez’s as part of the first phase of commercialization in Bengaluru.


Exponent will deploy 100 e^pumps in Bengaluru in the next six months, of which 20 have already been established. “At first, we will set these pump at every 2 km radius and are looking for roadside charging opportunities near our franchises. Each e^pumps will be able to charge 40–45 vehicles in a day,” said Arun Vinayak, co-founder, Exponent Energy.

The e^pump delivers 600A of current to the e^pack (15 times the industry standard) while managing individual cell characteristics, including thermals, to ensure safety, long battery life, and performance consistency even at 50 degrees Celsius.

“So certainly, we have the fast-charge capabilities, and we have offered an unprecedented warranty on the battery, with 3000 fast-charge cycles tested,” noted Vinayak.

Going forward, Exponent Energy will keep its focus on building more batteries for all types of commercial vehicles—three-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles—both passenger and cargo commercial vehicles.