Aura Air, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based company on Tuesday announced that its home variant of air purifiers Aura Air and Aura Air Mini are now available on e-commerce platform Amazon India for retail consumers. 

In a press release, Aura Air said claimed that its air-purifiers detect, capture, and kill 99.9 per cent of viruses, bacteria, mold and can remove airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including allergens and viruses.

These IoT-enabled devices connect to a mobile phone and deliver real-time updates on the overall indoor and outdoor Air Quality Index (AQI) based on VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), CO (Carbon Monoxide), and fine particulate matter levels, it added.

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Aura’s flagship product Aura Air can be placed in spaces up to 600 sq ft rooms, offices, theatres and any other indoor space and is priced at ₹37,500+GST. Aura for Business (Enterprise solution) is available from a starting price of ₹48,500+GST. Aura Mini is available for ₹13,000.

Aura Air purifiers have completed clinical trials confirming their effectiveness against the Coronavirus in multiple studies conducted at Sheba Medical Center & Innovate Bioanalysis Lab, California and the results have been published in the world Journal of Surgery and Surgical Research. Aura Air is also in the process of getting an FDA (Food and Drug Administration), USA approval.

Aura Air is currently sold in 87 countries and used by marquee brands including the Sheraton, Hilton, CBRE, Subway, Coca-Cola, and Audi among others. 

“With the sudden increase in the number of air-borne infections, we decided to enlist our devices on Amazon so that it is easily accessible to all. Now with offices, theatres and other public spaces at full capacity, individuals will be able to purchase their Aura Air devices at the click of a button!” Bharadwaj PV, Managing Director, Aura Air India, was quoted in the release. 

The Indian air purifier market stood at over $85 million in FY21 and is projected to cross over $500 million by FY27.

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