, a digital travel platform, recently revealed its insights into the anticipated travel trends for 2024 based on research from over 27,000 travelers across 33 countries, including India. The findings indicate a significant shift in the way people perceive and engage with travel, with a focus on unique and immersive experiences.

Santosh Kumar, Country Manager for India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Indonesia at, said that that travel in 2024 is not merely an escape from life but a catalyst for individuals to live their best lives. According to the research, 85 per cent of Indian travelers feel more alive during vacations, adopting alter egos and seeking self-discovery.’s predictions for 2024 indicate a dynamic shift in travel preferences, with a clear focus on unique, immersive, and mindful experiences. As travelers increasingly seek personal growth, spontaneity, and sustainability, the travel industry is poised to adapt to these evolving consumer trends.

One prominent trend, identified as ‘(Alter) Ego Enthusiasts,’ showcases a desire among travelers to enjoy the anonymity of their journeys, with 82 per cent of Indian participants expressing this sentiment. The thrill of reinventing themselves is evident, as 63 per cent craft elaborate stories about their real lives to share with fellow travelers. More than just a temporary escape, 81 per cent of these enthusiasts aspire to carry the confidence gained during vacations into their daily lives.

Global warming is influencing travel decisions, as outlined in the ‘Cool Cationers’ trend. A significant 74 per cent of travelers, including 76 per cent of Indians, factor climate change into their vacation plans, gravitating towards cooler destinations. Water-centric travel is on the rise, with 83 per cent of respondents acknowledging the relaxing effect of proximity to water. In India, 38 per cent express a keen interest in water-centric vacations, anticipating activities like floating yoga and water sound baths.

‘Surrender Seekers’ represent a group of travelers willing to embrace spontaneity and adventure, rejecting rigid planning for the thrill of the unknown. Over 74 per cent are ready to book surprise trips, and 67 per cent prefer venturing off the beaten path. Notably, 70 per cent of Indian travelers trust AI for trip planning, appreciating its convenience, flexibility, and ability to provide immediate insights.

Culinary exploration takes center stage in the ‘Culinary Excavators’ trend, with 78 per cent of travelers expressing a heightened interest in unraveling the history and heritage behind a destination’s cuisine. Digital and real-world experiences blend for these food enthusiasts, with 69 per cent seeking immersive ‘phygital’ food experiences.

In response to the challenges of a globally unstable world, the rise of ‘Reboot Retreaters’ is evident. Fifty-nine percent of Indian travelers express an inclination towards matchmaking holidays, seeking a spark with a new partner. Additionally, 53 per cent opt for heartbreak holidays, providing the necessary healing space for overcoming past relationships. Sleep tourism emerges as a trend, with 68 per cent of Reboot Retreaters desiring undisturbed sleep during their journeys.

Luxury travel will be redefined in 2024 by ‘À la Carte Affluencers.’ Travelers aim to balance money-saving strategies with indulgence, curating budget-friendly itineraries while seeking à la carte luxuries. Seventy-six percent of Indian travelers seek AI insights for deals and offers, while 70 per cent choose more economical destinations.

The convergence of sustainability and style is apparent in the ‘Sustainable Style’ trend. Seventy-seven percent of Indian travelers actively seek accommodations with sustainability innovations, reflecting a growing preference for environmentally conscious choices. A significant 81 per cent wish to bring nature indoors, emphasizing the importance of green spaces and plants in vacation accommodations.