BLive, a multi-brand electric vehicle (EV) platform, has introduced a fresh electric cycle by Reliance. The product will be accessible through both online and offline channels on the platform. The latest e-cycle is a high-quality offering with a welded frame and branded components, the company said in a release. 

An electric bicycle is a motorized bicycle that has an integrated electric motor used to assist propulsion. The platform currently offers a range of EV products and services and has over 40 brands listed on its platform. 

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Offered in 13 distinct models spanning various price segments, the e-cycle variety aims to enhance the cycling experience for consumers. Samarth Kholkar, CEO and Co-Founder of BLive, said, “The addition of Astra (an e-cycle) to our collection of ground-breaking e-cycles fills us with great excitement. This partnership propels us on our path towards a more sustainable future.”

The company underlines that the e-cycle has been meticulously designed to heighten consumers’ cycling journey. Crafted using durable materials and processes, it emphasises minimal environmental impact without compromising on performance. From city commuters to adventurous off-road enthusiasts, the versatile selection caters to all riders seeking excellence with an ethical approach.

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Reliance E-bikes encompass an array of electric bike options, ranging from city bikes and cargo e-bikes to children’s e-bikes.