PAT is at ₹70.41 crore(Q2 FY24: ₹62.36 crore; Q3 FY23: 62.31 crore)· Order intake during the quarter ₹1,037 crore (Q2 FY24: 1,063 crore; Q3 FY23: ₹944 crore)

Reporting performance review for 9M FY24 (consolidated), the company reported income from operations at ₹2,447 crore (9M FY23: ₹2,524 crore)

PBT is at ₹254 crore for the period (9M FY23: ₹205.9 crore) while PAT is at ₹191.4 crore (9M FY23: ₹151.7 crore).

The consolidated order backlog as on December 31, 2023 stood at ₹3,950 crore which comprises of 75 per cent domestic orders and 25 per cent international orders.

Commenting on the Company’s performance, Shishir Joshipura, CEO and MD, Praj Industries said, “ The quarter saw positive business development in new growth areas identified. The policy restriction on the use of sugar syrup as feedstock created a near-term challenge in the market. Praj has already developed solutions for mitigating the feedstock challenge for our customers and we are confident that these solutions will help restore the opportunity next year. Our Mangalore facility is developing along the planned lines and the business pipeline to feed this facility is also growing stronger.”