Rapido, an aggregator platform that provides auto services, introduced new benefits such as unlimited cancellations, customer cancellation incentives, and more as part of its ongoing Auto Dost initiative. Additionally, in the upcoming months, Rapido Auto plans to roll out transformative initiatives such as microloans, travel time charge compensation, and family health insurance.

These measures are primarily aimed at supporting the 5 lakh auto captains currently operating in Bengaluru city. The intention is to grant the auto captains greater flexibility, enabling them to effectively navigate the dynamic landscape of ride-hailing, the company stated in a press release.

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“The introduction of a nominal pick-up charge, unlimited cancellations, the lowest commission structure, a customer cancellation incentive, and our transparent fare price policy are not just improvements; they’re steps towards transforming the way Bengaluru’s auto-rickshaw community operates,” said Pavan Guntupalli, Co-founder of Rapido.

Moreover, these initiatives are a win-win for the auto captains as they are able to generate enhanced income and a more predictable earnings structure, allowing them to better plan for their future, he added. 

As part of the ongoing initiative, which focuses on the satisfaction of both auto captains and passengers, Rapido Auto has introduced measures like a nominal pick-up charge of Rs. 10 for every order, commissions up to Rs. 15 to ensure partners retain a significant portion of their earnings, a customer cancellation incentive of Rs. 10, and the flexibility for auto captains to cancel orders at their convenience daily, among other benefits.

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According to the company, these strategic initiatives are designed to empower Bengaluru’s auto captains. The introduction of unlimited cancellations addresses a longstanding concern, making rides more accessible and adaptable for passengers.