Shakti Pumps (India) Ltd has received a patent for inventing a ‘helical pump arrangement with anti-vibration coupling.’ According to the company’s stock exchange filing, this is the 11th patent secured by the company.  

Dinesh Patidar, Chairman of Shakti Pumps, commented about the new patented technology, “Our recent award of the 11th patent marks a groundbreaking achievement in pump technology, particularly with the introduction of our innovative anti-vibration coupling for the helical pump. We believe that this advancement positions the helical pump as not just a solution but a cost-effective and long-lasting asset for various applications.”

In addition, the company has invested over ₹13 crore in its subsidiary, Shakti EV Mobility Pvt Ltd.

Shakti Pumps stock surged by 4.46 per cent on the NSE, trading at ₹1,117.85 as of 3:20 pm on January 17.