Chennai-headquartered Voltrix Mobility, an electric mobility startup, has introduced its first electric bicycle Tresor targetted at urban commuters.

Tresor, a pedal-assisted electric bicycle, carries a 250-watt motor and an unique removable integrated lithium-ion battery that eliminates the need for charging stations. It promises a range of 60-80 km per charge and reaches a top speed of 25 kmph, according to a statement.

Tresor electric bicycle is priced at ₹55,999 (early bird offer) and it can be booked by paying ₹999. Easy financing options are also made available. Delivery of the product will start from the second week of January 2022.

“The electric-powered bicycles are much needed for our country to be a healthy ‘young India’, the way it used to be till the early 1990s. When you ride a pedal-assisted electric bicycle like Tresor, you give yourself a safe and effective cardiovascular exercise that’s high enough to make a significant positive impact on health. Voltrix will become a brand new alternative for safe, enjoyable and healthy transportation for the urban population,” said Viveak M Palanivasan, Founder & CEO, Voltrix Mobility.

Urban commuting

The bicycle also comes with five levels of pedal assist, throttle-only (like a conventional bike), and manual pedalling modes.

“With the average speed of urban commute ranging between at 16 and 20 km/hour, Tresor will help people reach destination faster and in a more efficient way. We will be launching two more products in the next 6 months catering to different customer profiles,” said Sakthivigneshwar R, Founder & CTO, Voltrix Mobility

The company plans to sell 40,000 electric bicycles by 2024. To support this growth it aims to build a retail network covering 150 locations across six urban cities by 2024 with a goal to secure 4-5% of market share.