Post-harvest agritech company Arya said it has partnered with NCDEX to deliver a series of knowledge sessions for farmers and farmer producer organisations (FPOs) in Maharashtra.

Through its knowledge services platform, Arya, along with NCDEX, is training 150 farmers, belonging to five FPOs in 50 villages, in marketing their produce through the commodity exchange, the company said in a statement. Based on the feedback and progress, the initiative is likely to be extended to more states and FPOs.

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Last year, Arya partnered with the UNDP, CDC-DFID and various government organisations like UMED, MAVIM and UPSRLM to provide knowledge services and training to 1.5 lakh farmers across the country.

“Arya has been trying to improve the income stream of famers by enabling access to finance, storage and market linkages nearer to the farm gate. Tech-enabled practices will help farmers improve output quality, increase productivity and ensure better returns for their commodity. The capability building and skilling programmes prepare smallholders and their organisations to embrace technology and innovative solutions which, in turn, will enable them to improve their incomes,” D Chattanathan, co-founder, Arya said.

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Piyush Jain, Manager – FPO team at NCDEX, said, “Through its exchange-facilitated market linkage offering, NCDEX endeavours to impart transparency, efficiency and better price for farmers’ produce. We hope our collaboration with Arya in training farmers on commodity exchange offerings will increase smallholder participation in exchange transactions.”