Indcoserve, the apex body of the 16 cooperative tea factories called Indco factories in The Nilgiris, has brought new cheer to tea lovers in Tamil Nadu — they can now buy the unique aromatised cardamom flavoured tea at their ration shops at affordable prices. .

“This ‘Ooty Tea Yelakkai’ (Elachi tea) will soon be available along with our flagship brand ‘Ooty Tea’ in ration shops. We will introduce more varieties soon,” Supriya Sahu, Principal Secretary to Tamil Nadu Government and Chief Executive Officer of Indcoserve, said.

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“The supply to the ration shops and the stock position will be regularly monitored through a special mobile app developed by Indcoserve called ‘Ooty Tea’ which was launched by the Chairman of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) GR Chintala,” she said.

“We will use this mobile app for enhancing sales at all public distribution system outlets,” she disclosed.

“We have launched another mobile app called ‘INDCO@TEA’ to help our 30,000 small tea grower members rise to better trajectory with on-time information including green leaf price, payments due to them, field practices and weather pattern,” she said.

Appreciating the efforts of Indcoserve, Chintala said that this was the need of the hour as it would help increase productivity. He said that NABARD will focus on helping farmers meet their challenges and market their farm produce.

Highlighting the technical aspects of these apps, Indcoserve’s adviser and team-lead for this project Srinivasan Sreeram, explained how it would help improve profitability for farmers.

Nilgiris District Collector Innocent Divya, Indcoserve Chairman Sivakumar, General Manager M Akbar and Deputy General Manager Sankaranarayana Pillai urged farmers to benefit from the app.