Samunnati, a financial solutions provider for the agri sector, announced the launch of Agri Elevate, an ecosystem platform to offer services across the agri value chain to farmers, farmer producer organisation (FPOs) and agri enterprises.

The platform, essentially on the lines of business directory services, is aimed at helping FPOs and agri enterprises meet their information and service needs.

The key challenges faced by FPOs, as well as the ecosystem players trying to address their issues include information asymmetry, lack of access to network channels and financial intermediation, the company said in a statement.

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Through Agri Elevate all the agri ecosystem players, including but not limited to incubators, lenders, new-age start-ups, and agri ecosystem solution providers can interact with each other to serve their needs.

Further, farmers and their collectives as FPOs will be at the core for all initiatives of Agri Elevate, which is being launched in multiple regional languages. Serving as a neutral platform with linkage to Samunnati’s products and services maintained separately, Agri Elevate is a not-for-profit initiative, with the sole aim of facilitating connections in the agri ecosystem.

“With Agri Elevate, our vision is to enable an ecosystem of self-sufficiency and free access to services and markets, empowering farmers and FPOs to discover the right partners and form associations that can serve their needs,” said Anilkumar S G, CEO and Founder at Samunnati.

“A unified platform that brings together all the stakeholders in the agriculture ecosystem, especially FPOs and agri enterprises, can provide an opportunity to bring in this collaboration for mutual benefit. We look forward to working with the ecosystem players in agriculture, including ag-tech and start-ups in agriculture, to deliver the benefits of this platform to the agri value chain players,” Anil Kumar added.

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Agri Elevate is a neutral platform and would be managed by Samunnati Foundation. Users are not required to have prior business relationship with Samunnati to join the platform, he said.