The Data Security Council of India (DSCI), not-for-profit industry body on data protection, set up by nasscom, has announced the launch of Cyber Sainik, a cybersecurity training program for students across India along with Kyndryl. 

The programme, which will train 25,000 students in three years, with the goal to impart the skills necessary for students to safeguard their digital space and empower them to preempt, navigate and mitigate cyber risks effectively.

The Cyber Sainik program, is designed as a first line of defense to protect students from cyber threats such as cyberbullying and online exploitation. The programme will train students through grade six to 12, to report issues, and offer them skills, tools and techniques, to thwart bad actors on digital, online, and social media channels. The programme, will also educate them on the best ways to protect their personal information. Students will receive a joint certification from Kyndryl and DSCI upon course completion.

Vinayak Godse, CEO, DSCI, said, “With the launch of Cyber Sainik, we will be tapping on the student community as well, to make our efforts more holistic, and we would like to thank Kyndryl, for joining hands in this noble initiative. Today, kids and teenagers, are exposed to the digital world at an early age, as it has become a part of their education and lifestyle. However, navigating the online space securely, is imperative. With Cyber Sainik, I am confident that it will help students get the necessary knowledge and confidence to remain cyber safe.”

Cybersecurity incidents in India, are growing faster than the global average, with 1.3 million cybersecurity incidents annually between 2020 and 2022, according to government data. At the same time, industry organisations estimate, that at least 30 per cent of cybersecurity positions remain unstaffed due to skills shortages.

“Kyndryl is committed to upskilling India’s tech talent, especially in cybersecurity, by working with local support groups, to ensure the digital safety of vulnerable sections of our society. We are proud to partner with DSCI, to provide skills training for young learners, and support the government’s skilling mission, to develop a diverse and talented future workforce,” said Lingraju Sawkar, President, Kyndryl India.