Most of us as kids have some story or the other on that huge wheel that was so ubiquitous at fairs and amusement parks. It was the Ferris Wheel - named after its inventor George Ferris.

Since Valentine's Day is an occasion that continues to be close to our hearts, search engine major Google has decided to commemorate both the events - George Ferris' 154th birthday and Valentine's Day - with an interactive doodle.

The colourful doodle features an amusement park in the backdrop with each letter of the word Google featuring as one of the rides. The first G is a roller coaster, the second G is the track of a Go Kart ride, the L is a Drop Tower and E a merry-go-round. The two Os represent a pair of Ferris wheel and are the main highlights of the doodle.

The doodle tells us love stories of different animals, pictorially. Users need to click on the heart shaped button (also referred as the love button) to go through the stories. As the user presses the button, the Ferris wheels rotate.

A couple appears with their love story. There are 16 characters - read animals - narrating 10 love stories. The fox is the only character that has no date and is shown as spending time watching TV at home.

The last doodle that was posted by the search engine major commemorating  two occasions was on February 29, 2012.  Google had posted a two-in-one doodle that commemorated not only the leap day but also the 220th birth anniversary of the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini.

About Ferris :

Born on this date in Galesburg, Illinois, George Ferris was an American engineer who invented the the original Ferris Wheel for the 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition. The directors had wanted a structure that would rival the Eiffel Tower and the Ferris Wheel was chosen.

After the fair got over, George Ferris is said to have sued the exhibition management alleging them of robbing him and his investors of their rightful portion of the profits.

He died on November 22, 1896, of typhoid fever.