Google announced its most awaited Android 13 update for Pixel phones. The annual update debuted a little early than its usual launch timings.

Google brought updates that have been tweaked in the Android 13 beta releases. Updates have been made to the Material You theme, with support for third-party app icons. On the other hand, the updated media player automatically changes its theme depending on the music or podcast playing. Interestingly, Android 13 brings you the perk to assign specific languages to specific apps, and Bedtime mode gets dark theme mode.

Google also brought features similar to that of Apple, where there is support for spatial audio with head tracking as if the sound is coming from a fixed point when you move your head while wearing compatible headphones.

In the recent update, apps won’t get access to the entire media library just to share one item, the entire clipboard history gets automatically cleared “after a period of time” if one copies sensitive data like email, phone number, or login credentials. The apps also require themselves to explicitly ask for notification permission.

Android 13 also enables one to stream messages from apps including Google Messages directly to a Chromebook, similar to iMessage on the Mac. Google also said the Android update will be coming to Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus and others “later this year”.

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