How Bharat QR works


Bharat QR is an integrated payment system. It uses your mobile phone to pay through your debit or credit card by scanning a code at the merchant’s place. It does away with the need to physically swipe debit or credit cards.

As of now, RuPay, MasterCard, VISA and American Express cards can be linked to pay through Bharat QR.

You must have your bank’s app with the Bharat QR payment facility. All you have to do is open the app, click the Bharat QR icon (some banks just say ‘Scan’), scan the QR code at the merchant establishment, enter the amount and your PIN. The payment is over.

Scanning the QR code is not the only way to make payments. Bharat QR payments can be made through account number with IFSC code, UPI payment address or Aadhaar number.

Bharat QR eliminates the need to physically hand over your debit or credit card to the merchant.

The merchant must have registered with the bank for receiving payments through Bharat QR.

Published on March 29, 2017


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