Xpression Camera is a virtual app that transforms into anything or anyone having a face with a single photo without any buffering. The virtual camera works with Zoom, Twitch, or Youtube.

Perks of Xpression Camera
  • Complete control over what one projects: The Xpressioncamera reflects real-time facial expressions on photos, videos, GIFs, memes, and more. Images can be from the web, camera roll, or social media, and can include pictures, paintings, stuffed animals, dolls, artwork, comics, cartoons, sculptures, illustrations, pets, or a star in a movie or TV clip.
  • Videochat without webcam: Voice2Face integrated Xpression Camera lets users be off camera while the app animates images on screen.
  • Resource for content creators: Xpression camera supports a huge stock of GIFs, memes, cinema, images, and video, along with professional tools that help creators produce original content to share
How Xpression Camera works
  • Download the virtual camera app on Mac or Windows.
  • Open the preferred platform - Zoom, Youtube or Twitch- and select “xpression camera” from camera settings.
  • Select any image of your choice to proceed.