The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-Hyderahad) has tied up with the UK-based Royal Academy of Engineering to launch an exclusive cohort of eight startups.

The short-listed startups, working in areas that promote the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, will get the Academy’s Leaders in Innovation Fellowships (LIF), which focuses on nurturing scalable innovations in environmental, economic, and societal challenges. 

The list of startups selected for the programme included Nariksha Pads, Pola, Quavilon, ASHA+, Hydroverse, SmartKosh, Revalu, and Precue.

“The startups will receive comprehensive support, including training, mentoring, and access to an international network. They will be equipped with relevant tools that help them commercialise their technologies and thrive in the competitive UK market,” Ramesh Loganathan, COO of CIE-IIIT Hyderabad, said..

The LIF programme offered tailored support, including training, mentoring, and access to a diverse network of experts and resources.

“Supported by the UK’s Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology, these programs drive sustainable development through locally engineered solutions, impacting communities worldwide,” he said.