Microsoft is all set to integrate its Bing AI chatbot into mobile phones and Skype. Microsoft Bing AI was launched on February 7, 2023.

As per reports, Microsoft will first roll out ChatGPT like chatbot Bing AI to its mobile app for both iOS and Android. To note, at the time, users can only access the feature on the app through invites. Previously, it was accessible via the Microsoft Edge desktop version.

Microsoft Bing’s in-app button would allow the invited users to initiate a conversation with the chatbot. Bing AI chatbot users on the app can either type their query or tap on the microphone to record their query. In addition, the homepage of the Microsoft Edge app, which can be used on mobile, also has similar features.

Users can opt for one-on-one conversations with Bing AI, or add it to group chats so that anyone can ask questions with just a tag. Bing AI chatbot is made reliable to give answers in any form and about 100 languages.

Reports also state that Skype will soon get integrated with Bing AI. Microsoft also confirmed that it is adding voice to Bing to enable speaking commands or asking questions.