Microsoft has removed its waitlist for the AI-powered Bing Chat feature. Now, everyone can access the GPT-4 powered chatbot, as it unlocks after users sign in to the new Bing.

Windows Central spotted this on Wednesday, and multiple accounts of the team were reportedly able to get access to the chat immediately.

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By visiting the online portal for the ‘new Bing’, clicking ‘Join the Waitlist’, and signing in through a Microsoft account, users can gain immediate access to the GPT-4 powered chatbot, according to the Verge.

Recently, Microsoft announced that the new Bing AI chatbot will feature in the stable version of its Edge web browser. The feature was first introduced in February 2023 as a developer preview and not a public release, as per reports.

OpenAI’s GPT-4, which was launched on Tuesday, is available separately on ChatGPT Plus (a paid version of ChatGPT). It is the fourth in the GPT series.