Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had earlier said that the company would reduce its overall workforce by 10,000 jobs through the end of the third quarter of FY2023.

Alisha Acharya, an ex-employee of Microsoft, has shared her heartbreaking story on LinkedIn about how she was laid off from the company.

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Acharya has worked at Microsoft for over five years as a technical program manager in the US.

“Heartbroken. I was impacted by the recent round of layoffs at Microsoft. It took me a few days to come to terms with this news, but I am back to the grind now. Since I am on H-1B, the clock’s ticking, and I have limited time to look for a job,” she wrote.

The H-1B visa under the Immigration and Nationality Act allows companies and other employers in the US to temporarily employ foreign workers in specific occupations.

The temporary visa is valid for three years. The individual will have to join a new job within 60 days of losing the earlier job or has no employment. 

Pleading for new job opportunities, Acharya expressed support to anyone in a similar situation. “My heart goes out to you. Hang in there, and this too shall pass,” she said. 

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