Netflix announced rolling out paid sharing in countries, including Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain. The streaming service earlier tested the measure to crack down on password sharing in select markets, including Chile, Costa Rica, Peru and Latin America.

TechCrunch reported that Netflix subscribers expressed concern over the changes and how they would soon be forced to pay for the extra people using their accounts.

The report said that subscribers would have a couple of choices. They can choose to pay to add the extra member to their account or suggest the member get their own account (CAD 7.99/mo per person in Canada, NZD 7.99 in New Zealand, Euro 3.99 in Portugal and Euro 5.99 in Spain) and kick them off their service.

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This comes after Netflix explained that subscribers would have to log into the Netflix app on their home network at least once every 31 days or risk having their account access blocked.

Subscribers would be required to set a primary location and would be able to manage who had access to their account from a new manage access and devices page, the streaming service announced in a blog post. Netflix also introduced the profile transfer feature earlier.

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