OneOTT Intertainment Ltd (OIL), the broadband subsidiary of NXTDigital Ltd, has added 1 lakh home broadband subscriber in the fourth quarter of the financial year ended 2021.

The company, which has been adding more than 1,000 subscribers per day, has crossed a total of 6 lakh subscribers, retaining its position among the top 5 private ISPs in India, the company said in a release.

OIL’s Chief Executive Officer, Yugal Kishore Sharma, said: “Internet use cases have moved beyond browsing and social networking to work-from-home (WFH), online education, OTT entertainment and gaming, online-shopping, online-health, e-governance and others. This requires broadband connections to deliver real ‘high speed’ to support multiple users, devices and sessions with consistency and near 100 per cent availability”.

NXTDigital is the media vertical of Hinduja Group.