Instagram is testing functionality to let users access the recently shared Reels.

According to a tweet from a Turkey-based account called Dijital Agla, mentioning social media analyst Matt Navarra, Instagram is showing a row at the top of its direct messages. The platform has labeled it as the ‘latest shares.’

The social media platform has also confirmed the development of the feature to TechCrunch, the latter reported.

“We are rolling out improvements to how you can search for and rediscover Reels that were previously shared in messages,” a Meta spokesperson told TechCrunch.

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Nevertheless, it is unclear if the function will push non-Reels posts in the latest shares section.

This comes after Meta announced the discontinuation of its creator bonuses program for Reels as the company will focus on monetisation avenues such as ad revenue sharing. The company also ended its work with NFTs on Facebook and Instagram. 

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